As a church, we use three main approaches to share the Gospel beyond our community. First, we financially support “traditional” missionaries. These are individuals and families who work long-term in another country or sometimes with a specific group of people in the United States. We support missionary pastors, evangelists, and mission board representatives this way.

Second, members of Suber Road are directly involved in spreading the Gospel outside of the Upstate. The church usually sponsors at least one short-term trip each year. We have worked in Tennessee, New York City, Colorado, Wyoming, the island of St. Vincent, Canada, Mexico, and Peru. Church members also choose to do short-term work individually, taking jobs at Christian camps or traveling to other countries to support the work of long-term missionaries. And a few times each year, our Men for Missions team assembles to donate time on construction work and other physical assistance for regional ministries.

Finally, we support church planters, helping them financially until their feet are on the ground or the church is self-supporting. We have been part of church plants in Greenville and suburban Atlanta, and currently are supporting a ministry in New York City.