Adult Ministries

From our Sunday morning Bible classes to one-on-one discipleship, we’re serious about studying God’s word together and holding each other accountable for the things we’re learning. We also recognize the joy and support found in Christian fellowship and provide lots of ways for adult members to both serve and relax together.

Our Sunday morning teachers rotate through the adult Bible classes. You don’t have to worry about picking and choosing what lessons sound most interesting – stick around and you’ll get them all. Besides their regular meetings on Sundays, the classes get together for meals, activities, and service projects outside of church. Classes are organized roughly by age, starting with our college and young singles class, moving through the various stages of family and career, and ending with our senior saints in the Berean and Faithful Ladies classes.

Several times a year, we offer the chance to meet during the week for a book study. These studies usually run for five or six weeks and most meet in very small groups in someone’s home. Read along, then come to the study, share what you’re learning, and benefit from what others have learned, too.

Our Ladies Bible Study runs through the school year in two identical sessions, meeting twice a month on either Tuesday mornings or Wednesday nights. The studies dig deeply into a book of the Bible, unearthing truths to equip women as they serve at home, at work, and in the community.

Men have the opportunity to work and serve together through our Men for Missions group, which tackles projects for local and regional ministries. Construction experience is welcome but definitely not required – a strong back and a willing spirit will get you plenty of assignments.

We believe service to God does not stop at retirement. Our Young @ Heart group offers those 55 and older numerous opportunities to fellowship and minister together. From get-togethers to field trips to service opportunities, our seniors have numerous occasions to use their time and abilities to serve each other, the church family, and the greater Greer community.

Suber Road has an extensive  singles ministry designed to serve singles at all stages of life. We want our single members to enjoy Gospel-centered worship and fellowship and to be deeply involved in the church body. We urge them to make the most of their position in life by looking outside themselves for ministry opportunities. Our singles department has about 100 people in three distinct groups: College (age 18 through college), Career (post-college, or about 23 to 35), and Professional (over 35). Besides Sunday morning Bible classes and fellowship, singles have opportunities to get together for meals during the week, activities, service projects, and other Gospel-centered activities.

We offer an intensive, one-on-one discipleship program for those who want to learn to study their Bibles on their own and then teach others the study principles as well. In discipleship, a person meets weekly with a disciple-maker for about a year. During the first weeks, the leader will teach the techniques and tools necessary to dig deeply into the text. The rest of the year is spent applying those lessons by studying through a book of the Bible. The only requirement for joining discipleship is a commitment to see it through. Upon completion, we urge people to consider whether there is someone they could disciple next, following the pattern Paul set in II Timothy 2:2: “And the things that thou hast heard of me … the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

If you have little ones at home, don’t miss our Mommy and Me activities. Through this ministry, the women of Suber Road foster friendships, encourage each other in the daily tasks of parenting, and reach out to visiting moms. We take our children on some structured outings, such as field trips to the fire department or the zoo. Other activities, such as park days, are simple chances to enjoy pleasant company, the outdoors, and a picnic lunch. Moms plan the activities, so you can count on them being kid-friendly and low-cost.